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Reggae artist Keznamdi has released the compelling visuals for his track ‘Justice’, from his latest ‘Bloodline album. The 5-minute ‘film’, directed by Ivor Mccray, juxtaposes the injustices faced in the 1960’s (the infamous Coral Gardens massacre) by Rastafarians who were regularly imprisoned, beaten, trimmed, exiled and sectioned in Jamaica, to present day. It shows that this social injustice has been re-awakened. This comes on the heels of the news of Nzinga King who reportedly had her locs trimmed while in police lock up and the denial of a 5-year-old girl to attend Kensington Primary School in 2018.

Watch the ‘Justice’ Film here:

Justice’ features the sounds of Errol Edwards and aims to not only re-educate Jamaicans of the re-awakening of the social injustices faced by Rastafarii but is accompanied by a call to action. This call to action is in the form of the ‘Rasta Rights Matter: Support The 10 Demandments’ petition which Keznamdi via Skyline Levels, is encouraging all to sign. The petition is a unified global protest demanding the Government of Jamaica to take immediate concrete action to address the ongoing harassment and gross violations of human rights plaguing the Rastafari movement. They are seeking a minimum of 15,000 signatures to get action through the Prime Minister of Jamaica on the 10 specific Demandments outlined in this petition to ensure the freedom and rights of Rastafari which are now under serious attack.

Keznamdi is currently on a national tour in the US alongside Reggae quartet Rebelution and Kabaka Pyramid. Most recently, he performed at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre to over 15,00 people - a massive feat. He will be performing in a total of 40 cities in 50 days, spreading the Reggae music and Jamaican culture - a missing element in the international entertainment space since the pandemic.

While doing so, he has also been putting out ‘Tour Bus Sessions’ via YouTube ; an acoustic-style musical musing, filmed on the tour bus. His most recent episode features the song ‘Natty Dreadlocks’, produced by Popstyle Music.

Justice’ is the second track off Keznamdi’s ‘Bloodline’ album, available here:

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